Announcing Stargaze Protocol: Orion Expansion ($STGO)


Stargaze Protocol: Orion ($STGO) is a brand new Ethereum ERC-20 token that partners with Dragonfly Protocol to add their upgraded tokenomics with token burn and featuring liquidity locking to prevent rug pulling.

As always, $STGO works by redistributing a 1.5% transaction fee (even more now for holders) to existing $STGO holders instantly and automatically after each transaction with no gas required or any other mechanics needed.

A portion of the transaction fee will also be used to buy $DFLY and $STGZ, supporting each project.

The percentage of fees you earn is calculated by the percentage of $STGO that you own among holders, resulting in a much higher than normal yield.

How Does it Work?

Just by holding $STGO, the transaction fee of 1.5% will be sent directly to your wallet every time a transaction is made automatically so you will see your balance go up without doing anything.

The contract is complete right from the start and you do not need to do anything besides hold $STGO in order to get more tokens!

Stargaze Protocol: Orion Tokenomics

Orion’s tokenomics have been modified to provide superior returns for holders as well as benefit current $STGZ and $DFLY holders by buying using a portion of the transaction fee to buy $STGZ and $DFLY, resulting in buy pressure for each project.

  • Total circulating supply (fixed): 17,000,000 $STGO
  • Transaction fee: 1.5% (automatically distributed to holders) + 1% $STGZ/$DFLY buy fee
  • Token burn: 0.40% of every transaction will be used to burn $STGO
  • Yield Farm / Liquidity Rewards Bonus: 1,700,000 $STGO
  • Starting liquidity: 15 ETH / 9,350,000 $STGO
  • Marketing and Community Rewards: 2,550,000 $STGO
  • Development Fund: 2,550,000 $STGO
  • Airdrop: 850,000 $STGO for $DFLY/$STGZ holders

$STGO’s Newest Feature: Token Burn

We are upgrading STGZ by adding a deflationary measure added which has been called for by the community to make tokens more valuable for holders in the long run.

  • Token Burn: 0.40% of each transaction will be used to burn $STGO

With an added token burn on transactions, the supply will be reduced and prices can rise as tokens become more scarce over time and as more transactions are made.

Bonus Yield and New Pools

By earning fees simply by holding, you are now free to stake $STGO to earn additional rewards, or stake your $STGO in other contracts to earn different types of rewards.

In other words, not only will $STGO holders will get receive fees simply by holding $STGO, but will also be able to stake $STGO to earn bonus and different types of yield and rewards!

New pools will be created which we be announced after launch.


As a nod to our $STGZ holders and $DFLY partners, we will be airdropping 850,000 $STGO to both $STGZ and $DFLY hodlers. You will receive more airdrops by holding both!

There will be a snapshot taken on the following days on holders of $STGZ and $DFLY:

  • Monday, December 14th, 2020 @ 10:00PM UTC
  • Tuesday, December 15th, 2020 @ 2:00PM UTC

You must have been a holder for through both snapshots in order to receive the airdrop.


Phase 1: CoinGecko/CoinMarketCap Submission, Liquidity Lock, Marketing

Phase 1.5: Farming Feature, Partnerships

Phase 2: Governance, Utility Feature

Phase 3: Timelock, Exchange Listing, NFTs

Details of each phase including exact date and times will be announced shortly before and after each phase is completed.

A True Fair Launch

Stargaze Protocol: Orion believes in a completely fair launch and is bootstrapped to start. This means no presales of any kind, no VC’s, and no ICO. Everyone has a fair chance to get tokens after liquidity has been added to Uniswap and can swap/buy directly from Uniswap without fear of getting dumped on from presalers or scammed by rug pulls during a liquidity generation event.

  • Straight to Uniswap
  • No VC’s
  • No Presales
  • No LGE
  • No ICO

Future Roadmap

There will be future additions and utility that will be added to Stargaze Protocol: Orion Expansion which will be announced in our Telegram channel. Join us at to stay up to date!

How Can I Participate?

Liquidity will be added and the Uniswap pair will be created on Tuesday, December 15th at 2:00pm UTC.

Link and contract address will be updated here after launch.

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