Join the Team for Pre-DAO Launch

Thanks to Guybrush Threepwood for writing this community post, you can read more on Wordpress. Guybrush is a DAO launch team member, and you can hear more from him by joining the team.

Details are in the community Wordpress post, and I will highlight the key message: message Atlantis or Guybrush on Telegram to join.

Equity available.

What we need to start with:

  • Frontend developers
  • Designers for logos for frontend or image searches for Blog posts
  • Solidity Testers (We use Hardhat)
  • Artists for NFTs

And then as the project continues to grow we will be looking for more people to help with anything from:

  • Article Writing
  • Influencer Contacting
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Programming
  • Strategy
  • Media and other content creation
  • Marketing
  • Poll creators — for fair decision making by the team (e.g. “Naming conventions” , “Should we launch X together? Or one at a time? What should target yield be?)
  • Community Management
  • and more as this continues to grow