Presenting: Stargaze Protocol (STGZ), A Fair Launch Project With Automatic Fee Distribution and Staking


Stargaze Protocol (STGZ) is an innovative new Ethereum (ERC-20) token that makes yield generation in DeFi easier and better.

STGZ has a 1% transaction fee and re-distributes that fee to existing STGZ holders instantly and automatically at the time of each transaction.

The STGZ smart contract also allows for certain addresses DEX pools or exchange wallets to be blocked from getting these fees so more go to holders of the token.

Because of this, 100% of the fees generated go to holders of the token. The percentage of fees you earn is calculated by the percentage of STGZ that you own among holders to generate much higher yield than normal.

Simply by holding STGZ, the fees will be distributed to a wallet that you control automatically with no additional work needed on your part, saving you time and gas.

By doing this, you can unlock extra utility such as multi layer staking through farming and earning extra rewards.

STGZ Features

  1. Automatic Yield Generation: No website or interface is required for the token to help earn you fees. STGZ fees are automatically generated and distributed with each transaction simply by hodling.
  2. Multi Layer Yield Farming: Not only do you earn automatic fees from holding STGZ, you can stake it to earn more rewards.
  3. Increased Security: The fee generation and distribution is all done by a smart contract, and without a ton of complexity, there’s less of a security risk. There are no external contracts that need to be interacted with for STGZ to generate fees automatically.
  4. Compound Growth: STGZ has a fixed cap of 10M. The yield comes from transfer fees instead of newly minted tokens. As you earn fees, the percentage of the total supply you own is increasing. Earning network fees is an established and tested method of earning yield.

Stargaze Protocol (STGZ) Tokenomics

  • Total supply: 10,000,000 STGZ
  • Starting fee per transaction (automatically distributed to holders): 1%
  • Yield Farm / Liquidity Rewards Bonus: 500,000 STGZ
  • Starting liquidity: 15 ETH / 9,000,000 STGZ
  • Marketing and Community Rewards: 2.5% (250,000 STGZ)
  • Development Fund: 2.5% (250,000 STGZ)

Multi Layer Yield Farming

STGZ holders will automatically receive fees simply by holding, but can now optionally stake their STGZ to earn bonus yield from the Stargaze Protocol’s Quasar (similar to Vaults).

By earning fees simply by holding, you are now free to stake STGZ to earn double the amount of rewards, or stake your STGZ in other contracts to earn different types of rewards.

STGZ fees are awarded automatically and do not require any transactions to be executed by the holder in order to earn fees. This allows STGZ to be used in any other smart contract in addition to earning yield from the transaction fees.

To facilitate this, the STGZ smart contract exposes some new methods that allow other smart contracts to easily determine the fees earned by each address for any period of time even when funds are pooled together. This is a huge leap in DeFi that enables the direct staking of STGZ and double yield generation.

For example, you could lend your STGZ on a third party app and earn a yield from that while still earning fees from STGZ transfers. The lending contract could use STGZ’s new methods to easily determine the fees earned on the amount you provided during your interaction with the lending contract.

By reducing friction and eliminating the burden of contract interaction to earn a yield, STGZ allows you to earn more with the same token!

Program Details

Start Date: 2020/11/25

Duration: 15 Days

Rewards Available: 500,000 STGZ

How Does it Work?

Anyone who holds STGZ tokens can become a liquidity provider on Uniswap by pooling their tokens combined with an equivalent USD value of ETH.

Upon successfully pooling, the liquidity provider will receive UNI-V2 LP tokens which represent their stake in the Uniswap liquidity pool.

These UNI-V2 LP tokens can then be staked on our frontend interface in order to earn more STGZ.

How are Rewards Determined?

There are several factors that determine the amount of STGZ you will receive for staking:

Unlock Rate — The total rewards will be unlocked evenly over the next 15 days.

Amount Staked — The amount of rewards you receive over time depends on the percentage of the total staked tokens that belong to you. If you are the only one staking you, you receive all of the rewards!

Time Staked — The rewards you earn will have a multiplier applied to them the longer you remained staked. To achieve the full multiplier, you need to remain staked for at least 7 days.

A Fair Launch

No VC’s, No ICO, No Private Pre-sale.

Everyone has a fair chance to participate and get tokens!

90% of the total fixed supply of 10M tokens goes into the initial Uniswap liquidity pool.

5% of the total fixed supply of 10M tokens goes to a 15 day yield farming program where they can be farmed by holders of Stargaze Protocol (STGZ).

5% of the total fixed supply of 10M tokens will be set aside for marketing and operation purposes.

How Can I Participate?

You will need both STGZ and ETH to provide liquidity and earn rewards.

For example, if you have 20 ETH total that you want to stake, you would buy 10 ETH worth of STGZ and then add liquidity on Uniswap with the resulting ETH/STGZ.

Here are the steps required to participate:

  1. Buy STGZ tokens:
  2. Provide Liquidity on Uniswap:
  3. Stake your liquidity tokens here:

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