Stargaze Explorer Mission on #BSC

We’re on Binance Smart Chain! Go to and click “Launch” for a free one-time “Stargaze Explorer” NFT

Binance Smart Chain as an Addition, not Migration

We are adding Binance Smart Chain as an additional chain in our cross-chain vision. This is not a migration.

Our vision for Stargaze Protocol is gas intensive, and the latest excitement in Ethereum hurts our utility. We’re eager to launch the next phase of our roadmap and it must be on a chain where transaction speed are high, and congestion minimal.

To celebrate, our first BSC deployment, we are giving one-time NFTs on BSC, with four to five winners an hour. All you have to do is click a button

How do I get a one-time NFT?

You must have Binance Smart Chain enabled on your Metamask or Wallet. Follow any of these instructions first:

Go to and click “Launch” for a free one-time “Stargaze Explorer” NFT

We plan to stop the NFT rewards when we hit the next roadmap milestone on BSC (coming soon!)

There is a small cooldown of several minutes to prevent abuse. So if you’re unable to claim, wait for the cooldown countdown and try again.


Stargaze Orion (STGO) will have a solid place in the BSC ecosystem.

Stargaze (STGZ) holders are encouraged to upgrade (with bonus!) STGZ into STGO (Orion) at

For those STGZ who cannot afford the gas, we will have a one-time (manual) value transfer opening soon to minimize gas that will map your Stargaze value into Binance Smart Chain.

Upcoming Roadmap

We will have another post soon for the upcoming roadmap. What we will leak now is: BSC is coming as an addition (not migration), and the purpose is to create the foundations for Stargaze Orion (STGO) to earn from TWO chains (Ethereum and BSC for a start)

Claim Stargaze Explorer NFT



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