Stargaze Rising: STGZ to STGO Upgrade

We’re off on an adventure

We are preparing the DAO ecosystem, which requires upgrading the first token from STGZ into STGO. The upgrade will have bonus rewards.

When the Orion Expansion began, the vision was to create a secondary token that would be used for staking. STGZ would remain yield farming, and STGO would support the STGZ tokenomics, while forging forward new DAO frontier. Due to personal emergencies amongst the original team, development was forced to slow down.

Within a month we took immediate action, and expanded our team to include Stargaze’s most dedicated believers. Our team consists of a vibrant community of individuals, all who are personally invested in the future of Stargaze. After we sat together and outlined our goals for the future, we felt it was pertinent to make a very difficult choice, to upgrade the legacy token STGZ into STGO. In doing so we want to show our commitment to the expansion and to the future of the Stargaze Protocol.

This means we will be aggregating liquidity to prepare for the DAO ecosystem via a preferential bonus swap from STGZ to STGO, with a chance to get an NFT upon upgrading.

What’s in it for me?

The immediate benefit of swapping your STGZ for STGO is the up to 224% increase in value you get for your tokens, and the chance to get 1 of 50 NFTs as a bonus for the upgrade. You will then hold the STGO token to benefit from DAO launch.


The end of the beginning!

This is just the first step in preparing this amazing ecosystem. There is so much more to come!
All points of action will be announced across our channels with plenty of notice, so no-one misses the opportunity. So keep your eyes peeled!


Special thanks to Guybrush, Troubled Notes, and AL for this post.