STGZ to Binance Smart Chain Wormhole

Stargaze wormhole from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain

As we work toward launching on Binance Smart Chain, we want to ensure $STGZ holders benefit. There are two options: stay on Ethereum, or move to Binance Smart Chain.

$STGZ Ethereum liquidity will be moved to Binance Smart Chain liquidity, so you will not lose value. You will simply gain your value on another chain.

Option 1: Stay on Ethereum and High Gas

As $STGZ holder, one the the best ways is to Upgrade STGZ into Stargaze Orion at


  1. Go to
  2. Click Upgrade

You will receive a bonus for your upgrade.


  • Receive bonus tokens
  • Value is locked in by Stargaze Orion
  • Chance to win NFT


  • High gas fee

Option 2: Move to Binance Smart Chain

The second option is to transfer your $STGZ to a contract and wait for Stargaze Altair airdrop.


  1. Transfer your $STGZ to StargazeNft Contract here: 0x9204fB5204D4AC8C2cEa40d8D92E3240702eA6de
  2. Wait for Stargaze Altair to launch. The airdrop will be 30 days after launch. We will have to manually send you airdrop tokens because of the cross-chain transfer


  • Lower gas


  • Longer to receive airdrop
  • No bonus tokens
  • Value determined by Stargaze Altair
  • No chance to win NFT